Christopher Wolf Crutcher

I’m a graduate of Harvard College (1986) with an
AB in European History 1700 to the Present.


My Story

The richness of Christopher Wolf Crutcher’s childhood, growing up in beautiful Mill Valley, California, the support of his parents, and the completion of his disciplined language training and cultural experiences in Japan, all became the ingredients for future achievements. His Harvard years further laid the foundation of his knowledge and experience to launch his financial career, beginning with Morgan Stanley in New York.

Starting in 1988, Christopher founded Crutcher Capital Management, together with Judith Wolf Crutcher (his Mother), as a global financial consulting company.  This Family-owned business has persisted to the present day, and has concluded and performed international financial consulting contracts, on a global basis, in 47 countries throughout the World.  Crutcher Capital Management specializes in services including private banking, corporate structuring, venture capital, mergers & acquisitions, international licensing, and corporate finance for high-net-worth individuals, institutions, and governments.  This Company eventually evolved into the base for the assembly of the technologies, talent, and capital that would become a resource for Project Galileo (see below).

Christopher’s favorite consulting years were 1996 – 1997, when he developed revolutionary economic solutions for Canadian First Nations, including the Blackfoot and Cree Peoples.  Christopher Wolf Crutcher has worked for over 33 years, in multiple business destinations throughout the world, to build his network of clients, supporters, investors, and specialized consultants, who now represent a formidable platform in the global finance business.  Having established strong relationships of trust with so many intelligent and capable persons, Christopher was able to direct his efforts towards the realization of a lifelong dream:  a humanitarian and environmental project without equal, described below.

My Projects

Eleven years ago, while Christopher Wolf Crutcher was living in Paris, he learned that very large, dormant bank accounts existed throughout the world.  He verified one such account, which, to his surprise, contained billions of dollars.  The verification he conducted of many more such accounts represented an amazing set of facts for him, especially given the recent banking crisis (2008), which he concluded was artificially created (there was, actually, no shortage of capital in existence at the time). He found that while there are restrictions controlling certain of these large deposits, even restricted accounts can be conditionally utilized in favor of sponsoring humanitarian projects.  Christopher recognized the magnitude of this opportunity, and set about structuring an economic plan, utilizing dormant funds, that could help depressed economies throughout the World. “Project Galileo” was born.

Christopher selected 3 “Target Countries” for Project Galileo:  the Republics of Georgia; Haiti; and the Philippines.  New Target Countries now include the Kingdom of Thailand, Brazil, Ghana, and Kyrgyzstan.  Utilizing new technologies, and environmental standards, “Terrestrial Cities of Science™” and/or “Mini Cities of Science™”will be developed within these Target Countries.  The full-scale Terrestrial Cities will be designed  to accommodate an estimated 100,000 inhabitants each.

The concept of Project Galileo further incorporates the creation of 12 growth funds (the “Funds of Project Galileo” or the “Funds”), for investment into 12 separate Economic Sectors within each Target Country.  The Funds will invest in healthy, locally-owned businesses within each of these Countries, in partnership with global investors, innovators, and technologists.  Project Galileo also encompasses 15 humanitarian and environmental foundations (the “Foundations of Project Galileo” or the “Foundations”).  Each Foundation will be permanently linked to one of the 12 Funds, benefiting, in perpetuity, from a portion of said Fund’s revenues.